Twenty Fifth Reunion of the
USS Cabildo (LSD-16 Crewmembers' Association
Via ZOOM - Day 2 - September 22, 2020

Kenneally film - WESPAC Deployment 1966

We opened day two of our Zoom reunion with about 30 minutes of hospitality room socializing.  After we believed that everyone who wished to join us was connected we shared the 25 minute Kenneally video taken in 1966.  After watching the 1965 video we enjoyed about an hour of getting caught up with our fellow association members.  

MajGen Dennis Kenneally,  USA Ret. kindly offered our association 24 reels of 8 mm film which his Father, Frank Kenneally,  SFCS took onboard the Cabildo in 1965 and 1966.  I gratefully accepted his offer and had 20 of the reels converted to a digital format.  Using video editing software tool I assembled the video into two videos, one each for the 1965 and 1966 WESPAC deployments. The following photos are from the 1966 video.  



Two of three airboats transported to Vietnam on the USS Cabildo
One of the air boats and an LPH? and LST in view
Two swiftboats and one air boat off Vietnam
Refueling at Sea

Off loading an LCU at Johnston Island

Off loading an LCU at Johnston Island
USS O'Bannon, DD 450, passing by
A wave of LCVPs returning to their ship from the landing site
An LCU wih both a tank and a jeep backing out of the well deck
 Marines headed to an LVP
 Marines cleaning guns getting ready for action aboard their LVP
One of two action shots - viehicles on beach at left headed for the explosion
Unmarked helo landing on flight deck
A chinook helocopter about to drop a load on the flight deck
One of two jets making a attack pass
The second action shot, the fire resulting from the jets attack to this port
An LVP entering the well deck roped to be turned around and then back in

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