The Nineteenth Reunion of the USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Crewmembers' Association
San Diego, CA - September 11 - 15, 2014

Brad Mongeau's Video Presentation


Brad has been diving and filming the USS Cabildo shipwreck for two decades. About five years ago he learned the ship's identity, and he ha been in contact with us ever since. We were delighted he volunteered to share his video with us this year. Here are two pictures of the ship wreck over the years.

At low tide about 2000.
In the last few years the wreck has settled and shifted closer to the shore.
We were pleased to have Janeen and Brad be our guests at the banquet dinner.
This link goes to three web pages of still photos Brad has shared with us over several years. Copies of Brad's Video will be available soon from our ship's store.
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