Twenty-third Reunion of the
USS Cabildo (LSD-16 Crewmembers' Association
Kansas City, Missouri - September 10 - 13, 2018

Steamboat Arabia Museum

The steamboat Arabia was built in 1853 and sank in 1856 after hitting a snag going up the Missouri River. At that time land in the Lousiana purchase was opening to expansion. The riverboat was loaded with goods for the pioneers opening this frontier country. The wreck was located in 1987 a half mile from the current Missouri River and 45 feet underground. A giant effort uncovered the wreck and salvaged her cargo, her machinery and a portion of her stern. This cargo is a facinating "time capsule" of the goods that were available on our frontier at that time. Everthing from exquisite English china like Wedgewood to tools and door knobs. The team that found her realized that this time capsle was best kept together and stored the goods in freezers until they could be cleaned and "freeze dried" for display. Even now a third of her cargo has yet to be processed. For more information go to this link.


A painting of the ill fated riverboat Arabia.
A preserved section of the Arabia's stern
The steamboat's rudder

Excavation of the steamboat Arabia

China including fine Wedgewood
China, glassware and tin items
Lots of china dishes that were packed in barrels.
An amasing selection of tools
Lots of shoes and boots of all sizes
Typical household items of the period
Saw blades, axe heads, axe handle and mill stones
Many hardware items for the homes being built.
The Arabia's three boilers.

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