Twenty-sixth Reunion of the
USS Cabildo (LSD-16 Crewmembers' Association
Gettysburg, PA - September 18 - 22, 2021

Gettysburg Battlefield Tour

  visitor center  
  A beautiful new Visitor Center since were last there in 1997  
  Gun Display  
  A nice display of Civil War weapons  
  The old Cyclorama painting has been beautifully resorted and displayed  
Cyclorama Scene
Cyclorama Scene
We began our Battlefield tour with a visit to the Peace Flame Monument


  peace flame  
  The Eternal Flame Monument   
  We were quite lucky to have Les Fowler, head of the Certified Battlefield Guide Association, as our guide for our excellent tour.  
  Virginia Monument 1  
  The Virginia Monument to Robert E Lee  
  Virginia Monument 2  
The Virginia Monument to Lee has him looking eastward across where Pickets charge was made. To the left of the Codori barn is the copse of trees and a little further to left of it is a white spire marking the "high-water mark" of the Confederate charge.
15th NY
  The New York Battery Monument  
  Les talks at a stop at the peach orchard  
Peach Orchard
the Peach Orchard
  Every effort has been made to make the landscape look as it did in 1863.  
  Little Round Top  
Looking up at Little Round Top from below
  Devils Den  

 The Devil's Den from Little Round Top

  General Warren  
General Warren on Little Round Top
A mile across the fields in the small gap in the trees is the Virginia Monument.  From those trees on seminary ridge Pickett's charge crossed all this open space under very heavy artillery fire. From the road and fence to the stone wall in the foreground they also faced  very intense musket fire.
the Codori barn near the High Water Mark - the furthest advance of the Confederates
Caissons used to pull Cannons
The High Water Mark
  PA Monument  
  The Pennsylvania Monument has the name of every soldier from Pennsylvania who fought at Gettysburg  
The Soldiers National Cemetery
  Dobbins house  
Dinner at the Historic 1776 Dobbins House in Gettysburg
  Dobbins house  
Dinner at the Historic 1776 Dobbins House in Gettysburg

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