Twenty-Sixth Reunion of the
USS Cabildo (LSD-16 Crewmembers' Association
Harrisburg, PA - September 18 - 21, 2021

Amish Country Tour

We began our tour at the Amish Experience where we saw a movie, toured a recreated one room school filled with everything from an actual school and a typical Amish house.  They are very good at explaining what the Amish life is like and how Amish sects differ.  The same gentleman who took us through the house and school was our guide on the afternoon bus tour.


The Fisher school, 1st - 8th grade in one room
  Note the alphabets; German script, German Gothic print, English cursive, English print  
  School room  
Our guide was very informative
The seven families whose children attend this school

 The seven families twenty children who attend this school

One days schedule for all eight grades
An Amish buggy passes by the school
  Unpacking our Box Lunches  
Unpacking the Box Lunches
  Enjoying lunch  
 The Kendrick's enjoying lunch with their granddaughter
An Amish school at recess - of note the young teacher is pitching a baseball game, The Amish use propane for lighting and have embraced solar electricity as they do not need to be connected to use either. To the left here is a pump to a well for water and there is an outhouse in the back.
  harvesting corn  
Harvesting corn with horses
  disking cornfield  
A young boy disking a cornfield with a six mule hitch
  beautiful farmland  
Beautiful Farmland now worth about $35,000 an acre
  Large Farm  
A large farm with a big vegetable garden and long laundry line

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