Twenty Sixth Reunion of the USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Crewmembers' Association
Harrisburg, Pennsylvania - September 18 -21, 2021

Hospitality Room

  The Red Lyon Hotel Harrisburg, PA  
  Hotel Entrance  
  The Red Lyon Hotel Entrance  

Our welcoming buffet in the Hospitality room.
  Kathleen Bredehoeft, Becky Lyon, Bobbie Rodriguez, Chrissy Lyon, Elizabeth Richard, Frances Byler, Leo Waltsak, Dale Bittle  
Leo Waltsak, Frances Byler, Chrissy, Bob and Becky Lyon, Bobbie Rodriguez, Elizbabeth Richard
  Claire Waltsak, Ozzie Osborn, Carol Osborn, Maureen Bittle and Linda Kendrick  
  deb Fulps  
   Deb Fulps was able to join us by Zoom Monday evening - it was so nice to visit with her  
  Bingo Night  
  The Raffle Items Table  

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