The Fifteenth Reunion of the USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Crewmembers' Association
Branson - September 2010
Banquet Dinner
  Left to right: Beverly Bowman, Bob Bowman, James Hopper, Lois Szczepankowski, Bill Hopper, Jane Hopper, Judy Hopper  
  Left to right: Bill Griffith, Audrey Griffith, Marshall Kendrick, Linda Kendrick, Mary Ann Tsompanis, Paul Tsompanis, Zelma MccDanie and Albert McDaniel  
  Left to right: Judy Farr, Russ Foust, Linda Foust, Kimberly Foust, Sheryl Ingram, Linda Flemming and Paul Flemming  
  Left to right: Dennis Whitten, JoAnn Whitten, Carol Osborn, Jack Webber, Darrell Osborn, Joe Bunner and Alice Bunner  
  Left to right: Alyce Harich, Sue Gwin, Henry Harich, Bob Gwin, Loren Krause, Janet Krause, Carolyn Schmidt, Bobbie Rodriguez  
  Left to right: George Conroy, Dorothy White, Bill Strubing, Theresa Fiori, Hellen Carroll, Charles Carroll  
  Left to right: Debra Fulps, Walt Fulps, Ken Bredehoeft, Kathleen Bredehoeft, Warren Gammeter, Dale Bittle, Maureen Bittle  
We enjoyed some good patritoic entertainment by a local youth group
Our banquet always ends with our Cabildo Raffle MC'd by Paul Flemming.
Here Bob Gwin tracks down the winner as George White stands by to take the winners picture.

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