The Fifteenth Reunion of the USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Crewmembers' Association

New Orleans, Lousiana - Sept. - Oct. 2011

Banquet and Raffle


(All names are Clockwise from center)

Herbert Wilson, Wanda Potteet, Maureen and Dale Bittle, Carol and Warren Gammeter, Helen and Charles Carroll



Harry and Mary Jackson, Henry Seibel, Charleene and Phil Shirey, Bobbie Rodriguez and Son, Jack Webber



Ozzie and Carol Osborn, Claire and Leo Waltzak, Cheryl and Robert Hendrickson, Linda and Marshall Kendrick



Bruce Bishop, Connie and Melvin Quinn, Henry and Alyce Harich, Bob and Sue Gwin, Kimberly Foust


The Flemming Clan and George Conroy



Wanda Owen, Maria and Harvey Olson, Loren and Janet Krause, Ken and Kathleen Bredehoeft, Becky Lyon



Walt and Debra Fulps, Mary Ann Tsompanas, George and Dorothy White, Bill and Audrey Griffith, Paul Tsompanas



raffle time

Paul Fleming anounces another winning ticket


Charlie continues his winning streak in New Oeleans



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