The Fifteenth Reunion of the USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Crewmembers' Association
New Orleans Louisiana - September 28 - October 3, 2011
New Orleans Tour

This picture, taken from the bus, has a lot of bad reflections. It does, however, clearly illustrate how far some parts of New Orleans are below sea level..

Plaque where the main break occurred.
  Katrina Flood Memorial - The red structure represents the level of a typical one story home and the blue columns the water level as it rose each day.  


  lota of vacant lots  

Many many vacant lots where the structures have been removed with a few scattered rebuilt homes.

There are also still many homes who's fate hasn't been determined.
Most of the new construction is on stilts and solar powered.
  New Orleas Tombs  
  Typical New Orleans Cemetery Structures stand above ground. This image has a mix from one abandoned to some recently bought and refurbished.  
  City Park  
New Orleans Beautiful City Park.
  ice cream break  
Time for an Ice Cream break in City Park.
  Garden Home  
Lots of well maintained homes in the Garden District.
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