USS Cabildo (LSD-16 )
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William "Bill" Griffith onboard 1950 - 1953
  Bill and Audrey    
Bill and Audrey at our 2005 Reunion                   


I received the following e-mail from Audrey this yesterday evening, May 2, 2020.


To all of Bill Griffith's ship mates from the Cabildo:  Bill's ship sailed away this morning.  Last September he fell, breaking his shoulder and wrist and had been in a care facility ever since. He had a couple of strokes last week and had been pretty much out of it. He did recognize me up until a couple of days ago. He'd been under the care of hospice since late April and because of that, I was allowed to visit, even with pandemic restrictions. He passed peacefully in his sleep at 6:20 this morning. There will be no service at this time due to Covid. He will be put to rest at Willamette National Cemetery in Portland OR.


He really enjoyed his reunions with you folks. Sorry we weren't able to attend more.





We are glad that you were able to attend as many reunions as you did. You both  attended most of our reunions starting with San Mateo in 2003.  You and Bill also hosted our wonderful reunion in Portland, Oregon in 2006. Take a minute and enjoy again that delightful experience or see what you missed. It’s at this link.




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