USS Cabildo (LSD-16 )
Over the Bar
Frank Gray Terry YN3
Plank Owner
USS Cabildo (LSD-16) 1945
Frank and Dixie Terry
at the Washington DC Reunion in 2005
It is with deep sadness and great joy that I must share the news that Frank Gray Terry has gone to be with God and Jesus Christ our Lord.  He passed away very peacefully Wednesday afternoon at home.  It seems his heart gave out first.   For those of you who do not know, he was diagnosed with lung cancer approximately 3 weeks ago,  his heart was failing as a result of congestive heart disease and a sticking heart valve,  and he had kidney disease as a result of his heart condition.  He chose to not take extreme measures in reference to the cancer, rather electing quality of life over quantity of life.  Up until last Thursday, he was still watching all his political shows, doing investments and research on the computer, and bad mouthing the Obama politics. He thoroughly enjoyed your communications and your friendship.  Thank you!  He will  be greatly missed.


Love, Dixie




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