Lt. Ray Baker - circa 1945

Twas Maury White upon the bridge
The Day the Japs hove to.
Three battle wagons strong they were,
And planes and carriers too.

The air was thick with shot and shell
And smoke that hazed about
And fish swarmed in and out.

But then upon the bridge there was
Not e’en a worried frown;
Not a doubt was there about
The final victory crown.

Lieutenant White just gave a look,
Then another, and a third.
Then sizing up the situation,
Said he, "This is absurd.
Just one Jap fleet?
What’s that" No more?
These Japs we’ll just ignore!"

But trigger happy Jack,
Who fights the 5 inch gun,
Was sure twas something serious
So the shooting was begun.

Three shots he shot, one per ship
And sunk those yellow Nips;
He wrecked the yellow Navy;
He destroyed their battleships.

The O.O.D. came thru, ‘tis true,
With command, though late, "Please fire".
But all the work was done that date
Before he hit the wire.

Yet who do you hear won the battle?
Who get the credit? Is it Jack?
No! Maury’s the man wins the laurels,
Though he might well have been in his sack.

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