ZOOM 2020 Reunion Meetings


USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Crewmembers Associaton



We will have a "Virtual Reunion" this year since we can't meet in person.  This will enable us to get caught-up with our close community and prepare for next years reunion.   The plan as of now is as outlined below:


Day                         Time EDT       Reunion Events

Mon.     9/21         4pm - 6pm  - 15 min. - Greetings and start-up

                                                      16 min. - Cabildo 1965 Video

                                                       89 min. - Hospitality Room chat


Tues.  9/22           4pm -6pm - 15 min. - Greetings and start-up

                                                         16 min. - Cabildo 1966 Video 

                                                     30 min. - Reunion 2021 Proposals

                                                     51 min. - Hospitality Room Chat


Weds.  9/23          4pm -6pm - 15 min. - Greetings and start-up

                                                     15 min. - Memorial Service

                                                     45 min. - Annual Meeting

                                                     45 min. - Hospitality Room Chat


Thurs.    9/24        4pm -6pm - 60 min. - Reunion Farewells



Zoom Requirements: 

Chances are you have heard of Zoom and may even attended a zoom meeting. If you haven't, it's really easy and you can learn how in just a few minutes.

 What you need:

  1. A PC or Notebook PC with a camera and microphone. If your PC doesn't have one (like mine did not) you can buy one for less that $20 and they just plug into a UBS port.
  2. A smart phone

Note A smart phone work fine but a larger screen is best if you have that choice.

You will need to download the zoom software before you can join a session. When you go to the link for a meeting/session, if you don't have the zoom software they will give you an option to click on to get

Zoom Practice Sessions 

These session will allow anyone not familiar with zoom to learn how to connect with a zoom meeting/session and give them a chance to practice doing so.  You only need to successfully connect to one session.


  Day          Date     Time EDT     Practice Zoom Sessions  
  Tues.  -   9/15     4pm -5pm - #1 Practice zoom session  
  Weds.  -   9/16    4pm -5pm - #2 Practice zoom session  
  Thurs.  -  9/17     4pm -5pm - #3 Practice zoom session  
  Fri.  -        9/18     4pm -5pm - #4 Practice zoom session  

Zoom Invitations - login instructions

 I will schedule all the reunion meetings/session and the practice sessions. 

 Each session will have a meeting ID that looks like this.        741 3379 2889

 And Each session will also have a Pass Code that looks like this:     3i4wP9  

Note: they are case sensitive.

Go to Zoom, select Join a meeting and enter the above.

You must send me your email address at (webmaster@usscabildo.org) if you want to be on the distribution list.  I will then send you all the meeting ID's and pass codes for all the practice and reunion sessions.


  USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Crewmembers Association