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 George White Deceased:  11/18/2018   
  BT2 Onboard 1952 1956  
  George is our association photographer, 
  all of the reunion couples pictures and 
  many others on the website are thanks him. 
  Member 2004  
  Member 2005  
  Member 2006  
  Member 2007   
  Member 2008  
  Spouse or SO Name: Dorothy 
  Reunion 1998: Punta Gorda, Florida 
  Reunion 2000: Branson, Missouri 
  Reunion 2002: Charlestown, South Carolina 
  Reunion 2003: San Mateo, California 
  Reunion 2004: Saint Louis, Missouri 
  Reunion 2005: Washington, D.C. 
  Reunion 2006: Portland, Oregon. 
Portland Reunion 2006
  Reunion 2007: Nashville, Tennessee.  
  Reunion 2008: Newport, Rhode Islandn  
USS Cabildo Crew Members Association
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