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  Kelly , John  
  SN Onboard 1945
  Plank Owner  
  Member 2005  
  Member 2006  
  Member 2007  
  Member 2008  
Member 2009
Member 2010
Member 2011
Member 2012
Member 2014
  Member 2015  
Book Camp 1944
Spouse or SO Name: May
  Reunions Attended:  
  Reunion 1996: Maddisonville, Kentucky  
  Reunion 2003: San Mateo, California  
Reunion 2005: Washington, D.C.  
Washington DC 2005
Jack Kelly was in the Pacific on both the Cabildo and the APA USS DUNNE. Jack retired in 1988 after a career as a trade-electrictian and in education. Married 50 years 4/1/2003, Jack enjoys golf, travel, reading and home maintenance.
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