USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Crossing the Line

These pictures are courtesy of Cabildo Crewmember Association member Jim Nunner EM3 aboard 1961 -1964.

On March 6, 1962 the USS Cabildo crossed the Equator enroute to Christmas Island. Here King Neptune is assuming command from Capt. Gray who was rumored to be a shellback. This was the first of the USS Cabildos three line crossings in 1962


King Neptune assuming command


King Neptune (CWO Eaton) and his court


The offical Barber begins

The barbershop is busy


The barbers finishing touches


Kissing Neptune's Baby's Bellybutton


Freshwater Washdown


The March 6, 1962 Shellbacks


Later in 1962 the ship crosses for the second time returning to Christmas Island

The new baber looks young but competent


A new Neptune's Baby gets kissed


Cleaning up after the new barber

Neptune's Court and the second 1962 shellback group

Note: The USS Cabildo crossed the equator a third time in 1962. By then all aboard may have been shellbacks as I have not found any thrd crossing pictures.



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