USS Cabildo (LSD-16 )
Over the Bar 2/12/2020
Robert Scanlon
World War II "Plankowner" RM2
John Burris, Dorothy and Robert Scanlon, William Srubing, Franz Brill
At the first USS Cabildo Reunion in 1996

After each newsletter has been sent out our Assocoation President lets me know of any newsletters that are retuned and if there is a new mailing address. Today Leo informed me that Robert Scanlon’s newsletter was returned with no new address. I then will do an internet search just to see if there is an obituary for our shipmate. In Robert Scanlon's case I could not find an obituary but I did get his page at a funeral home which stated he was born on 8/28/1926 and passed away 2/12/2020 and that no obituary was available. 

We do know that Robert Scanlon and his wife Dorothy attended the first three USS Cabildo Reunions in 1996, 1997 and 1998.

Robert Scanlon was a RM2 and one of the USS Cabildo World War II “Plankowner’s” .  (a "Plankowner" is a shipmate who is aboard when the ship is first commissioned). The best I can determine he was probably our second last surviving Plankowner. Henry Siebel died after Robert on July 15, 2020. This list of our Cabildo Association Member Plankowner’s shows the last year they were paid members:


Robert                 Scanlon                 RM2       2020

John                    DeGiovanni           ETM3     2018

Richard                Arnold                  ETM2     2016

James                  Montesarchio       SN         2014

Frank                   Dusak                   MM3      2012

Raymond             Ybera                    SN         2011




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