USS Cabildo (LSD-16)
Well Deck Images
 The Welldeck of an LSD is very versitile. Thisc collection of pictures illustrates some of the many finctions the well deck supported. 
High surf in the well deck - Alaska 1950's - picture thanks to Ed Buck
 Full Load! a dredge to take to Alaska - picture thanks to Ed Buck 
Minesweeping Launches aboard 1954
picture thanks to Ed Buck

Don't think the dredge would fit under the helicopter deck LCU 1477 entering well deck in 1958 - picture thanks to Robert Taylor

A Ship's barbecue in 1960's
Volleyball game in 1960's - Arlee Taylor picture
Smoker Action - Arlee Taylor picture
Truck - Arlee Taylor picture
LVT's ready to swim - Arlee Taylor picture
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