USS Cabildo (LSD-16)
Wonsan Action April 1952
 During the Koren War one of the the USS Cabildo primary roles was serving as a mother ship for mine sweeping operations. She was engaged in this activity when hit by a shell from a shore battery on April 26, 1952. 
Launching the Minesweeping boats - Pre helocoper flight deck
A good view of the damage from above.
Mr. Bolander inspecting the damage
The damage as seen from the port wingwall
One of the two crewmembers injured by the "hit".
 This newspaper article on the return of the ship from Korea gives some good insght into the action including comments from Captain Berthof. 
A nice view of the Fort Marion LSD (22) off Korea.
 All the pictures in this section are thanks to Solomon "Bud" Gray . 
Wishauser, Bud Gray, Bob Smith, Bengi Besug,Alfred Krentz (front row)
Tidwell and "Bollie Brewer (backrow)
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