Awards this Website has Won

Award of Excellence

Given for outstanding achievement in website design, both in appearance and content. "Your site is a really wonderful example of creative professionalism and a wonderful tribute to those that serve. The quality of content and ease of navigation make it one of the most impressive sites I have had the pleasure to visit."

Award issued by: Home & Hearth

The "Spirits of Ships" Award

The Spirits of Ships award is given to sites honoring the memory of decommissioned U.S. Navy warships. The requirements were as follows: The Site MUST be a decommissioned U.S. Navy ship, dedicated to the ship and crew, MUST not be commercial, MUST be of historical value and accurate, should load within a reasonable time and should be entertaining and pleasing to the eye.

Award issued by: USS Robert L. Wilson (DD847),
The "Willy" Boat

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