USS Cabildo (LSD-16)
Commissioning Ceremony

On March 15, 1945, the commissioning ceremony was held at the Norfolk Navy Yard in Portsmouth, VA. Captain G. Bannerman, USN, representing the Commandant 5th Naval District, read the orders placing the ship in commission. Command of the ship was accepted by Commander Ernest B. Holdorff, USNR, of Alvin, Texas. The Norwegian-born skipper had started in sailing ships, spent many years in the Merchant Marine and was qualified to take ships in and out of almost any port in the world.

"On behalf of myself, my officers, and my crew, I am proud to accept command of this fine ship," Holdorff said in assuming command. "It is with deep feeling I thank Admiral Cox and his staff, the Newport News Shipping and Drydock Company, our fair sponsor and all the men and women who contributed to its construction."

"We are now approaching the day when we shall join the fleet to fight against the enemy. We hope to play an integral part in driving him deep into the caves he habitats so well - and from the sea."

"I, as commanding officer, have a good crew and a seaworthy ship. I assure you we will perform our task as well as you have done yours."

Captain G. Bannerman, USN
Reading the orders placing the USS Cabildo in commission

Cmdr. Ernest B. Holdorff, USNR
Accepting command of the USS Cabildo

Looking aft into the well deck showing crew of the
USS Cabildo assembled for commissioning ceremonies

Officer personnel at time of Commissioning
Top Row (l to r) Lt(jg)  Patton, Lt(jg)  Maury White, Ensign  Levin, Lt(jg)  Macrone, Lt(jg)  Berry (MC), Lt(jg)  Dewart. Middle Row (l to r) Lt.  Blanchard (SC), Lt.  Baker, Lt.   Kerwin, Lt.  Davis, Comdr.  Holdorff, Lt.  Rodehau, Lt.  Glynn, Lt.  Dick. Bottom Row (l to r) Elec.  Legge, Ensign  Osolnik, Ensign   John White, Bosín  Colbertson, Carp.  Ayers, Pay Clerk  Jennings, Mach.  Masterbray.

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