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San Nicolas Island - the Final Resting Site of the USS Cabildo (LSD-16))

Pictures courtesy of Brad Mongeau

San Nicolas Island
Brad Mongeau
      Brad's web site with more great pictures
  As webmaster I received the following e-mail from Brad Mongeau.  
My name is Brad and I do underwater photography as a hobby here in Southern California. I have been photographing the USS Cabildo since the mid 90's. It was only recently that I found out the name of that incredible ship that rests along the back side of San Nicolas Island. I Just wanted you to know that your ship now harbors a plethora of beautiful life! There is more diverse plant and animal life around that hull than anywhere else in the area.
It came to rest in an incredible place, an island that some people like to call Jurassic Park. The bow is facing out from the island in 50ft of water and nests securely against a sheer rock bluff about 3 feet tall. Sea lions have been playing 'king of the hill' on the superstructure at every low tide for decades.
It is slowly dissolving and collapsing with the constant bombardment of the wind and seas. Back in '01 after a huge swell, the aft portion of the hull dropped an entire deck helping to obscure it from view above the surface. I am hoping for the day when it is completely below the surface because the Cabildo is the most pristine ship in the entire bight, it has been ultimately respected by both man and nature..
  Brad, We in the Cabildo Association can't thank thank you enough for these great pictures.  


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