USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Atomic Test Support

These pictures are courtesy of association member Jim Nunner EM3 aboard 1961 -1964


Christmas Island 1962

Christmas Island


The USS Cabildo played two important roles in the atomic testing series at Christmas Island in 1962. The first was to provide logistical support for the targets; barges loaded with multiple scientific instruments. The second role was to evacuate the islanders to sea during the tests to ensure their saftey.

Enroute to Chrsitmas Island



A target in the welldeck


Natives in the welldeck


Native kids smile for a picture

An LCVP and the Captains Gig on the boat boom

That's not the union jack!

Swimming in the welldeck


    The follwoing pictures are from Jim Lyon's daughter-in-law Christine Lyon. They are from sides that Jim had taken of one of the many tests. I think this is the 20KT - 1 MT Yukon test on May 8, 1962.    
    Christmas Island Pic 1    
photo Jim Lyon from Christine Lyon
    Christmas Island Pic 2    
photo Jim Lyon from Christine Lyon
    Christmas Island Pic 3    
photo Jim Lyon from Christine Lyon


  There are many websites with information about the Christmas Island tests. The folowing links are just a few of many available if one wisheds to learn more about the tests.      
  Trinity Atomic Web Site      
  Operation Dominic I      
  Christmas Island Bomb Test      


Note: The Cabildo crossed the equator twice enroute to Christmas Island,
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