The following people attended the 2003 reunion

San Mateo, California - October 10-12


Charles Ackerman and Jackie Rossi

Donald Ackerman onboard 1952-55 and Marlene Ackerman

Stan Bartmess onboard 1957-60 and Laurel Zigler

Dale Bittle onboard 1963-66 and Maureen Bittle

Joe Bruno onboard 1965-68 and Rosie Bruno

John Burris onboard 1945-46 and Rachael Burris

Leonard Campbell onboard 1961-64 and Kelly Campbell

Charles Carroll Plank Owner onboard 1945-46 and Dolores Carroll

George Conroy onboard 1945-46 and 1950-52 and Harriet Conroy

Roy Doolittle onboard 1962

Lewis Easter onboard 1961-1968

Rich Elvine onboard 1962-64 and Sherry Elvine

Willie Elvine onboard 1962

Walt Fulps onboard 1963-66 and Debra Fulps

Warren Gammeter onboard 1962-64 and Carol Gammeter

William Griffith onboard 1952-53 and Audrey Griffith

Henry Harich onboard 1961-65 and Alyce Harish

Harvey Jensen onboard 1952-55 and Lola Jensen

Pat Keefe onboard 1951-53

Jack Kelly Plank Owner onboard 1945-46 and May Kelly

Loren Krause onboard 1964-68 and Janet Krause

Alfred Krentz onboard 1950-52 and Joanne Krentz

George LaClear onboard 1959-63 and Veronica LaClear

Darrel Lynch onboard 1951-55 and Ruth Lynch

Jim Lyon onboard 1959-62 and Becky Lyon

Jack Mason onboard 1960-64 and Angie Mason

Jim Nunner onboard 1961-64 and Lori Nunner

Harvey Olson onboard 1953-54 and Maria Olson

Darrell Osborn onboard 1959-63 and Carol Osborn

Rockey Pearson onboard 1960-63

Emmit Price onboard 1962-64 and Becky Price

Rudi Rudisill onboard 1951-55 and Marcy Rudasill

Frank Terry Plank Owner onboard 1945-46 on and Dixie Terry

George Verhelst onboard 1965-69 and William Verhelst

Jack Webber onboard 1951-53 and Carol Webber

George White onboard 1952-56 and Dorothy White

Earl Wilson onboard 1959-62

Dale Wiswell onboard 1961-64 and brother Scott Wiswell


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