The following pictures were taken at the third reunion of the USS Cabildo (LSD-16) held at Punta Gorda, FL on November 5 - 8, 1998.

Tony Marandola, Bob & Dottie Scanlon, John White
Sylvia Marandola, Connie Fabrizio, Lee White

Jan Brill, Joe & Marge Correa

Jane & Jim Hopper, Ted & Terry Berry, George & Harriet Conroy
Neil Scarpelli, Marie Pesce

Group Picture at Memorial Services

George & Harriet Conroy

Franz Brill, Dixie & Frank Terry, John Burris

Group Picture

George Stokem, President, Ted Berry, Franz Brill, Treasurer

Joe & Marge Correa, Hank Seibel

George White, Vice-President, Harry & Gerry McNally, Dorothy White

Lois Szezepankow, Robert & Beverly Bowman

John White, Webmaster

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