The following pictures were taken at the first reunion of the USS Cabildo (LSD-16) held in Madisonville, KY on October 30 - November 1, 1996.

Group Picture

(l to r) Bob Scanlon, John Kelly, George Stokem, Jim Montesarchio, John Burris, William Strubing, Joe Ogushoff

(l to r) Franz Brill, John Kelly, George Stokem, Orliss Pike, William Strubing, Bob Scanlon, Joe Ogushoff, John Burris

(l to r) John Burris, Dot & Bob Scanlon, William Strubing, Franz Brill

(l to r) Marion Stokem, John Kelly, George Stokem, Naomi & Joe Ogushoff, John Burris, Dot Scanlon

Franz Brill, Herbert Loske, John Mauney, William Strubing

Korean Crew
Standing: James Thompson, Thomas Patrick, Larry Coy, Cliff Wynes
Seated: John Thacher, Willie Wilson, David McGuffin, Gary Frost, George Conroy

The whole group out front

Don Acerman, Bulldog Ross, Willie Wilson

John Thacher and Willie Wilson's daughters, Rose and Lorrie

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