The Eighth Reunion of the USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Crewmembers' Association

San Mateo, California - October 10-12, 2003

Hospitality Room Radisson-Villa Hotel San Mateo, California


A the Radisson-Villa our Banner Marks the Hospitality Room


Harvey Jensen checking in with Warren Gammeter, Dale Bittle standing


Meeting old and new friends while enjoying snacks and beveages


Harriet and George Conroy - George served aboard the Cabildo in both WWII and Korea

George Verhelst and his brother William Verhelst

Standing: Carol Osborn, Ozzie Osborn our new Vice President, May Kelly, Jack kelly: Seated Irene Davis

Alfred and Joanne Krentz with Dorothy White

Becky Price, Debra Fulps, Angie Mason, Jack Mason, Emmit Price, Walt Fulps our new President, Loren Krause

Dale Bittle, Bill and Audry Griffith, Jack Mason

Becky Price, Angie Mason, Jack Mason, Emmit Price

Carol Gammeter, Becky price and Becky Lyon reviewing some cabildo scrap books

Lola and Harvey Jensen, ______, _________

Becky Lyon and Maureen Bittle relaxing. They're not hosts this year!

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