USS Cabildo LSD-16 - St. Louis, MO

2004 Reunion Banquet Dinner Photographs

Kathleen Bredehoeft, Bobbie Rodriguez, Rudy and Marcy Rudisill before dinner

The highlight of our banquet is the drawing of raffle prizes after dinner
Dale and Maureen put together a great selection this year!

As Charlie Carroll is buying his last tickets Maureen Bittle and
Walt Fulps get ready to start drawing winners

Walt Fulps and our Reunion Host Dale Bittle with his prize a coffee mug

Walt and Becky Price with Prize Afghan

Walt shows Jim Lyon his winner

Harry McNally with his prize wine basket

President and Artist Walt Fulps with Phil Shirley
winning bidder of Walt's Oil Painting of the USS Cabildo

Dixie Terry with a winner

Lou Easter with his Tool Kit


Rachel Burris with her prize

Alyce Harich with a winner drawn by Ozzie Osborn

Gerry McNally has a winning number

Debra Fulps has a winner too


Walt Fulps presents a plack to Maureen and Dale Bittle for their service to the
USS Cabildo Crewmember's Association.

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