The Eleventh Reunion of the USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Crewmembers' Association

Portland Oregon - September 9 -12, 2006

Group Pictures

George Conroy and Bill Strubing
Our only World War II members this reunion
We sure missed the rest of you


Our Korean War Era members
Earl Willson, George Conroy, Harvey Olsen, Bill Griffiths, Stan Bartmess,Melvin Quinn and George White


Our Vietnam Era Members
Kneeling - Paul Flemming, Ray Butler, Emmit Price, Mike Helton, Mack Woods, Warren Dines and Warren Gammeter
standing - Gary Clubb, Roy Doolittle, Jack Johnson, Dennis Whitten, Ken Bredehoeft, Jim Lyon,Joe Bunner, Dennis Johnson, Lew Easter, Henry Harich, Mike Goodwin, Walt Fulps, Rober Gwin, Phil Shirey, Dale Bittle, Mark Nelson, Haskel Terry and Darrell Osborn

Our Entire Group

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