The Fourteenth Reunion of the USS Cabildo (LSD-16) Crew members' Association

Radiance of the Seas - September 2009

San Diego - Ensenada - Cabo San Lucas



Annual Business Meeting
    business meeting    

President Phil Shirey presides over the meeting. Our annual meeting has two primary functions.

    1. To elect the Association officers for the next year; they are:      
      President Paul Tsompanas      
      Vice President Bill Griffith      
      Chaplin Charles Carroll      
      Treasurer Bob Gwin      
      Assistant Treasurer Paul Fleming      
      Webmaster Warren Gammeter      
    officers and wives    
    The new officers and wives left to right. Paul and Mary Ann Tsompanas, Bill and Audrey Griffith, Paul and Linda Fleming, Warren and Carol Gammeter, Charles and Helen Carroll    
    2. To select the site of the next Reunion / Annual Meeting      
      Branson Missouri        
      September 12 - 16, 2010        
      Hosts Dale and Maureen Bittle        
    Our special thanks to Phil Shirey for his excellent job as president in 2009 including hosting this years reunion cruise.    


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